Yutong Bus: Cross Mexico, Discover the Ancient American Civilization with…

The Yutong bus started a wonderful trip to Mexico, a land where historical civilization and modern culture intertwine. “Meet The World @Yutong” will take you to the ancient American civilization on wheels – Mexico, experience the exotic charm of enthusiastic Mexico.

Make green and convenience the mainstream of public mobility

In 2021, as 10 Yutong 18m battery electric BRT buses were officially delivered and put into operation in Mexico City, the world’s first 18m high battery electric platform BRT project was officially put into operation. work. This is the first time that Mexico City has purchased battery electric buses in batches, and it is also an important mark that Mexico City has officially launched an era of battery electric BRT. The launch of Yutong’s “Zero Emission” battery-electric BRT buses and the support of Yutong’s smart grid connection system have undoubtedly further accelerated the development of green public transport in Mexico City.

Alejandro Soto is a driver who works at the STE trolleybus station, “I learned to drive on my father’s car, I think I was born to love driving”, said Alejandro Soto proudly. Alejandro Soto feels good in life every time he sees someone board the bus and say “hello”.

In Mexico City, 201 Yutong buses pass through this cosmopolitan city of 22 million people every day, witnessing not only the rapid development of the city, but also the happy life of the people.

May love be everywhere, may life be integrated into public mobility

Augusto Neri is a Lego modeling enthusiast, and his daily favorite is using Lego to build the city he loves. The emergence of Yutong’s battery-electric BRT bus lit up his eyes. “When I boarded the Yutong bus, I started to observe all the technical details of the interior and exterior, then I went home and started to model, buy parts and assemble .” It is learned that the most appreciated thing for Augusto Neri is that these low-entry buses are configured with the latest technologies, even if the vehicles are not connected to the network, they can still operate normally. For Augusto Neri, because of enthusiasm, love is everywhere.

Care, Inclusiveness, China Yutong touches the world with details

Jorge Martinez is a businessman who unfortunately lost his right leg recently. “Such suffering means that everything had to be started over again, fortunately I have people around me to help me get used to it”, said Jorge Martinez, “You will notice the solidarity of the Mexican people: you will see how manages for you on the sidewalk, and pushes the wheelchair for you”

It should be mentioned that Yutong vehicle accessibility facilities are widely appreciated. Travel is a big problem for people who have troublesome legs, especially when they have to take public transport like buses. Getting in and out of the vehicle can be very difficult without someone’s help. Regarding this problem, Yutong’s barrier-free bus is designed with a low-floor structure. When boarding and disembarking, there is only one step to the passenger door. At the same time, it has the kneeling function, which is convenient for the elderly, women, children and the disabled to get on and off the bus. In addition, the entire vehicle is also equipped with air suspension, as well as a special seat for pregnant women.

Accessibility facilities not only reflect humanistic care, but also demonstrate social civilization, representing a city’s humanistic spirit of fairness, brotherhood, inclusiveness and harmony. Especially in the area of ​​travel closely related to people, barrier-free buses facilitate the travel of disabled people, which has significant significance in the creation of urban civilization and the image of the city.

Meet @Yutong world, meet different life and promote wonderful travel. With high quality products and superior services, Yutong bus has earned a good reputation in the Mexican market. Then Yutong bus will continue to work under the aspect of “quality and green” and further develop the Mexican market.

Since Yutong entered the Latin American market in 2003, developing the Latin American market has always been regarded as an important overseas market strategy. In this process, Yutong bus has always adhered to the targeted market strategy of “One Country, One Policy”, and successfully explored “Yutong Mode”, setting a model for Chinese manufacturing to “go global”. With a stronger influence, the Yutong bus constantly shows the charm of Chinese manufacturing and demonstrates the power of China.