Yakima Valley School Officials Hope for Your Support

Are you registered to vote in Washington State? You can register today online or at the Yakima County Auditors website. There is no deadline and you can register on election day and vote. So when is election day? February 8.

Thousands of ballots will be sent to voters later this month

Ballots for the next special election will be sent to thousands of voters on January 21. Voters up and down the Valley are being asked to support a host of levies in area school districts and the Naches Park District.
Yakima County Auditor Charles Ross said levies were on the ballot in Grandview, Highland, Mt. Adams, Union Gap, Wahluke, Wapato, West Valley and Zillah school districts. The Naches Park District is also requesting support for a 2-year special levy.

Listener expects 34-35% turnout for election

Ross says he expects a 34% turnout for the election in which districts seek support for replacement levies that help continue district funding.
Ross says they tested the equipment in the auditors’ office on Wednesday morning to make sure everything is ready for Election Day, Feb. 8.
You can register to vote and get more information about upcoming elections at

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