Wyndham Council High Community Score

By Alesha Capone

Wyndham Council recorded the third highest score of any municipality in the state for community satisfaction with its performance in making decisions in the public interest.

Wyndham scored 68.3 out of 100 in this category in the 2021 Victoria Local Government Community Satisfaction Survey.

Sixty-six Victoria Boards participated in the annual survey, which compiles feedback on overall board performance, community consultation and engagement, customer service and overall direction.

The survey is being carried out by the Department of Employment, Constituencies and Regions on behalf of the participating municipalities.

Interviews are conducted with a minimum of 400 residents and adult taxpayers in each municipality, who are selected at random.

The survey results are posted on the Know Your Council website, which was designed to give Victorians an overview of the council’s performance.

In the 2021 survey, the city of Monash – in the south-east of Melbourne – scored 71 in the category of satisfaction with its performance in making decisions in the public interest.

This put Monash first on the list, followed by advice from Maribyrnong with a score of 69.

The ranking was revealed in an article published this week by an online publication, Government News.

A spokesperson for the Wyndham board said the board pledged to spend a record $ 196.5 million on capital work in its 2021-2022 budget “to help us bounce back from the pandemic. COVID-19 and to lay a solid foundation for our future ”.

“But the budget was not just about building new infrastructure, it was designed to improve and protect the local environment, build a healthy and resilient community and maintain essential services,” the spokesperson said.

The spokesperson said the Wyndham board “is taking note of the data on the Know Your Council website.”

“While we’ve had good results, especially compared to similar growth tips, we know we can always do better,” they said.

“That is why we are already planning the priorities for next year and work will begin soon on planning for the 2022-2023 fiscal year.”

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