Wollert Est community center on track


Wollert residents will soon have a new, modern space to meet, socialize and access essential services, with a new community center on Boulevard De Rossi opening in January.

The state-of-the-art Wollert East community center will support the burgeoning population in the north of the municipality, according to the council, and will include a three-room kindergarten, two fully equipped maternal and child health consultation rooms, a community hall spacious for rent and a beautifully landscaped outdoor space.

The center also includes durable features such as an electronic water unit for chemical-free cleaning, solar panels and large skylights, the council said,

President & Trustee Lydia Wilson said council looks forward to welcoming residents to the center in the New Year.

“With nearly 15,000 new residents expected to move to Wollert and Epping North over the next five years, it’s so exciting to have this wonderful space to support our growing community,” said Wilson.

The Wollert East Community Center is a partnership between the Town of Whittlesea and the Victorian School Building Authority. The Victorian government is providing $ 2.75 million for the development next to Wollert Primary School, which is also slated to open in 2022.

Locating early childhood services next to the school will help children in the area transition from preschool to school and reduce the number of dropouts for parents, the council said.


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