Will the municipality of Margao continue to extend the waste collection contract?


Will Margao City Fathers and Civic Babus explain the status of door-to-door garbage collection tender launched by Margao City Council a few months ago?

Or will the MMC continue to grant extensions, which have now become the norm rather than an exception in the municipality, to the two curbside waste collection contractors, while hundreds of thousands rupees are paid to agencies each year?

When the matter was raised before City Council on July 22, the City Fathers were united in their demand that Council extend the contract with existing agencies, Green Globe and Ms. Bapu Environment Services, for three months.

The three-month period ends in October 2022, but the debatable question, however, remains unanswered: will the civic body complete the codal formalities within the next two months given that one month has passed or will resort to it stand the test of time? standard of granting extensions to both agencies for a further three months.

Even MMC officials have no information on how many times agencies have pulled the civic body’s extension since their one-year contract expired, suggesting it has become a norm rather than a an exception for reasons better known to the City Fathers and the Babus.

MMC sources told The Goan that Green Globe and Ms. Bapu Environment Services’ extended contract was due to expire on July 31, 2022. At the July 22 MMC meeting, the City Fathers decided to grant another extension three months to agencies. , which will now expire on October 31, 2022. The reason given for extending the existing contract is that, although MMC has issued a new tender and the documents have been sent to the State Urban Development Agency of Goa (GSUDA), the agency responded to the civic body saying it had rejected the offer citing a discrepancy.

Incidentally, the civic body had resolved at the July 22 meeting to existing contractors on the grounds that it might need some time to complete the procedure. The question that has come to haunt city officials is whether MMC has started the contractor prequalification process since the extended period will last until October 2022.

Goa understands that although the council passed the resolution last July 22 to extend the contract of the existing contractors for a further period of three months, the contractors have yet to be instructed by the civic body at this time. day although a month has passed. from the time the board made the decision.

Interestingly, the MMC had literally extended the two agencies’ door-to-door garbage collection contract in recent months despite criticism from civil society.

In fact, the Margao Ghost Council had threatened to drag the civic body to Lokayukta for making payments to the two agencies amounting to millions of rupees as rules compel the municipality to comply with codal formalities.