“We need more people to live in the urban area”

Further down the High Street, on the same side as Armstrong’s, the next store is about 15 doors away at Gilbert Henry Goldsmith. Gilbert also agrees that the key to Sligo’s success is to encourage more people to live in the urban area.

I think people should live in the city again, ”he explains.

“People all live out of town, they drive around town, they run a little store and get the job done.

“But, if you had locals, you would have another store up the street or a pub up there, but without having people living in town – as in numbers – there are only so many restaurants and cafes that you can have that will actually survive. “

Gilbert describes High Street as “dead” and sees the future of many businesses online.

“Innisfree House Bar across the street, it’s the busiest thing on the street. Everything else is dead. With online shopping and everything, lots of vacancies are going to show up and it’s happening. is whether you can actually encourage people to start a new business – people don’t want to start a new business these days, they don’t want to open a store because of everything that goes with it, you have your rates, electricity, overhead, everything and whatever time you put in there isn’t a lot of money left. “

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