Watch: Residents of Green Community in the United Arab Emirates help the closed cluster bear its name


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Dubai: Residents of The Green Community – Motor City in Dubai have taken the initiative to collect all recyclable materials from their homes and hand them over to the Dubai Municipality for recycling.

Everyone in the community, including the children, was involved in the collection, helping to recycle over a ton of trash. Indian expat Suhas Pandit, a resident of the community, said: “Residents, including children living in the area, are getting involved in the best way possible to keep their environment respectful. The Green-Motor City community is a lush green oasis for residents. However, community garbage was not recycled in the area. And so we, the residents, decided to get more involved in the process.

Pandit added: “In fact, the young children of the community have become the torchbearers of this initiative under the supervision and guidance of adults to spread the message of a clean environment to all residents. The community-led recycling initiative has spread throughout the gated complex.

How it all began

Pandit said it all started with a resident’s request to start an initiative within the community to sort out the litter and make sure it doesn’t all go to the trash. “With a well-established social network, other residents enthusiastically volunteered. A team was formed and people assumed various roles and responsibilities. The children were our “green warriors” who were all well trained by their schools to respect their environment and work closely with the national motto of sustainability, a theme of Expo 2020 Dubai. “

How it works

The recycling initiative was mainly carried out by four residents of the community Deepti Kaushal, Radhika Bhandari, Gaurav Singha and Hadeel Al Sawa. The Dubai Municipality collects the materials from residents so that they can be recycled.

“Muaz Mohammed Babaker, Inspector of the Waste Management Department of the Municipality of Dubai provided unwavering support. With his knowledgeable help, arrangements were instantly made with local service providers in June to provide recycling bins at two common locations between four buildings.

The Green Warriors have launched multiple awareness campaigns on a dedicated Instagram account. “They made several handmade billboards with recyclable materials and distributed flyers using recycled paper to educate residents about the initiative and set an example for residents of the UAE,” Bhandari said. , originally from Singapore.

Segregation training

In July, a detailed training session was organized on the separation of different types of waste and the collection of recyclable materials. “Despite the scorching summer heat and with most of the residents on the move, we managed to collect around 500 kg of garbage. It was incredibly encouraging and promising. We are grateful to live in the United Arab Emirates where sustainable living is not just a buzzword, but a culture, ”said Kaushal, an Indian national.

Bhandari said: “As a long time resident of the Penthouse Apartments and my experience in similar projects, I am delighted to be a part of this initiative in our community. This is our small contribution to the sustainability of our community. In just two months, we went from around 400 kg to 1,100 kg in our collection of recyclable materials, with more residents engaged in the project. We hope this will grow and inspire other communities and their residents as well. “

Take care of nature

Kaushal added, “Everything seems fair and the only way to return the abundance provided by our planet is to respect and cherish our environment through sustainability. We are fortunate to be residents of The Green Community – Motorcity and are always ready to make a difference in any way we can.

Mariam Alogaily, 15, a British expatriate, said: “Recycling is an essential step in becoming an environmentally friendly company. Over time, it becomes more and more imperative to right our wrongs to the environment. I am grateful for the chance to do this and I can guarantee that our residents are too. “

Mariam Alogaily

Mariam Alogaily
Image Credit: Provided

She added: “Last month we collected 500kg of recyclables and I couldn’t be happier with the result. The residents of The Green Community – Motor City are eager to contribute to Expo 2020 Dubai in our own way and are extremely touched by all. extended support.


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