Vice-Chancellors prosecuted for corruption are a stain on civilization, says governor of Tamil Nadu

Governor said it was important to practice the virtues of transparency, efficiency and honesty in higher education institutions

Tamil Governor-Chancellor Nadu Banwarilal Purohit said Thursday that “it was a stain on civilization” to see vice-chancellors and university professors prosecuted for corruption. The public and the student community now want a “transparent, highly disciplined and corruption-free” university administration.

Mr Purohit, who opened the Vice Chancellors’ Conference at Raj Bhavan in Ooty, titled “Chancellor’s Vision 2030: Innovative Education in the Age of Industry 4.0”, said that at the time he been appointed governor-chancellor, six out of 20 state universities were “headless” without a vice-chancellor.

“In some universities, the post of vice-chancellor had been vacant for more than a year. Numerous allegations were also broadcast in the media regarding the quality of those selected for the post of Vice-Chancellor and the process involved in the selection. Vigilance raids on two former vice-chancellors, the arrest of a sitting vice-chancellor and the suicide committed by a former registrar over the past two years bear witness to this state. It worries me when I see vice-chancellors and professors prosecuted for corruption, ”said Purohit, who added that since becoming governor, full transparency has been observed in the appointments of all vice-chancellors. -chancellors.

“Universities and colleges are centers of higher education where it is important to scrupulously practice the virtues of transparency, efficiency and honesty. Since examples have been given in the selection of vice-chancellors, vice-chancellors, in turn, should follow this method of being completely honest and transparent regarding the admission of students, the affiliation of new colleges , approval of new courses and selection of the faculty of the university, ”he added.

Speaking about the growth of the Internet and telecommunications industries over the past decades, which he called the “fourth industrial revolution,” Mr. Purohit said that digital technologies and their pervasive data processing capabilities, Unlimited connectivity and massive processing power, have led to a revolution in the industry which in turn has opened up many opportunities and challenges for academic institutions.

“We need to upgrade our education system so that graduates have the right skills to get new age jobs in the digital age,” he said, adding that the teaching methods and curricula of Teaching must be rethought to prepare students to understand the “demand-side transformations in today’s global context.”

It was to promote these educational transformations that the Raj Bhavan Secretariat, along with the Indian Institute of Management, Trichy organized the two-day Vice-Chancellors’ Conference, with the participation of heads of state universities from Tamil Nadu.

The governor also spoke of the success of Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, saying that Tamil Nadu had made considerable progress in the fight against open defecation, with all districts having been declared “open defecation free”. He also spoke about efforts to minimize and eliminate single-use plastics, saying that Raj Bhavan had taken the initiative to discourage the use of single-use plastics at Raj Bhavan’s premises, long before the announcement of the statewide ban by the government.

The governor also called for rainwater harvesting statewide to help with water conservation and called on state universities to make their campuses environmentally friendly.

Bhimaraya Metri, Director IIM, Trichy, Ramkumar Ramamoorthy, President and CEO, Cognizant India, Professor Ramachandran, National Institute of Educational Planning and Administration, New Delhi, Richard Rekhy, Former CEO of KPMG, Professor VK Malhotra, Member Secretary, Indian Council for Social Science Research, Anandrao V. Patil, Secretary to the Governor, Innocent Divya, District Collector, The Nilgiris and V. Sasi Mohan, Police Superintendent of Nilgiris District were present at the inauguration.


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