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What are the ways of working to optimize the costs of those who live in the big cities of Bulgaria? To what extent do we have the choice between their residential, energy, logistics, health and cultural potential?

Dimitar Sabev, doctor of economics, journalist and traveler, commented on the radio show “Our Day”.

“The cities that we build and develop, we leave to our children. The city is much more than the economy, culture, biology … The city is the engine of our civilization, it is humanity.

Initially, in the years of the establishment of the new socio-economic order, Sofia was quite a chaotic and evil place. Finally, some sort of organization intervened. But the huge amount of human resources that poured into Sofia took away the active component of the small town. Sofia attracted more than BulgariaBulgaria’s resources than what is good for Bulgaria. “

Assoc. Professor Georgi Nikolov, head of the regional development department at the University of National and World Economy and creator of the new master’s program “Development of smart cities”, commented in the studio “Our Day”.

“The concept of the city in 15 minutes is good (the concept envisages decentralized urban areas, in order to allow residents to meet their daily needs 15 minutes on foot or by bike from their home – editor’s note), but on condition of creating a whole new city. And given that the cities we are talking about were created many years ago, it is difficult to find such options that will optimize our travel and transportation to that extent. No one can limit our right to make choices and want a better urban environment, better working conditions, higher wages …

The digitization of the economy and of society as a whole allows us to implement new technologies in existing cities to make our daily lives easier.

An EC study indicates that after 2060, more than 90% of the world’s population will live in 600 smart cities. Search in Bulgaria shows that in the next 10 to 15 years, 75% of the population will live in our 5 major cities.

“Bulgarian cities, like Sofia, have moved towards this development model, have long understood this need. But LED lighting or smart apps don’t make a city smart. It is the citizens who make their city smart, ”concluded the expert.

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