United Arab Emirates: Municipality seizes 25kg of naswar, other harmful tobacco products – News

City authorities have carried out intensified periodic inspections to protect public health.

Dibba Al Fujairah Municipality confiscated 25 kilograms (kg) of naswar and other types of harmful tobacco products during a recent intensive inspection campaign aimed at protecting public health.

A city official said authorities periodically conduct such campaigns to contain the spread of the use of harmful tobacco substances by young people and also prevent their sale in open markets.

“These substances cause several deadly diseases because they damage the nervous system and are found to have the same harmful effects as narcotics,” he added.

Fujairah police and city officials are closely monitoring peddlers of harmful tobacco products.

“The consumption of these tobacco products also distorts the aesthetic look and feel of urban areas,” he added.

He warned that strict legal action would be taken against violators.

He called for the importance of community solidarity by reporting any violations to the emergency office number (092443399) or highlighting them on social media platforms.

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Afkar Abdallah

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