Two municipal councilors of Sankhali disqualified by the Minister of Justice

22 October 2021 | 6:29 AM HIST

Two municipal councilors of Sankhali disqualified by the Minister of Justice

The opposition accuses the CM of abusing the state apparatus to wrest control of the council; Ask how a minister of law can disqualify city councilors

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PANJIM: The opposition Congress on Thursday accused Chief Minister Dr Pramod Sawant of abusing the state apparatus and its power to wrest control of the Sankhali city council.

In the latest ruling, Sankhali President Raya Parsekar and Councilor Rajesh Sawal were disqualified as advisers by an ordinance passed by Law Minister Nilesh Cabral and not by the relevant Urban Development Minister Milind Naik.

Although the High Court granted interim relief to the two councilors, opposition leader Digambar Kamat asked how a justice minister, who has nothing to do with the Department of Urban Development, can disqualify city councilors . The government violated the basic basic law, he said.

Speaking to the media in the presence of congressional-backed advisers, Goa Pradesh Congressional Committee (GPCC) Chairman Girish Chodankar said that after the chief minister failed to get his candidate elected during the by-election, he, through his supporters, tried to retain the two municipal councilors by filing a request with the Minister of Town Planning.

However, the two advisers obtained redress in the High Court as there was no valid reason for their disqualification. The petitions were then forwarded to the Minister of Justice, who

disqualified Parsekar and Sawal under section 44 of the Goa Municipalities Act.

Chodankar also called for an investigation into the allocation of land belonging to the Goa Housing Board to a nursing institute in Sankhali without auctioning it. He said the land measuring 2,350 square meters was reserved for the proposed maternity ward and post and telegraph offices. But the two plots were merged and sold to a nursing institute.

Former Sankhali chairman Dharmesh Saglani claimed that over the past three years, chief officers have been transferred 20 times. He said that although the Minister of Law disqualified the two councilors, a disqualification request filed against rival councilor Shubhada Sawaikar was pending before the director of municipal administration.

He alleged that the government harassed them only because they are backed by Congress and the chief minister was unable to take control of the council. He said they have so far won seven High Court cases, all against government rulings.

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