Tiruchengode Municipality Meeting Goes Wrong As Councilor Tried To Attack Vice President With Shoes

The Tiruchengode city council meeting which convened on Monday witnessed unruly scenes when an independent councilor attempted to attack the vice president with shoes.

The meeting was chaired by the president of the municipality, S. Nalini.

H. Sneha (Independent) alleged that supporters of Vice President T. Karthikeyan attacked her husband Hariharan on October 23 and that he was seriously injured in the head. After that, Sneha used unparliamentary words in the meeting and heated words were exchanged between Sneha and the DMK advisers. Two independent advisers, M. Thamaraiselvi and S. Radha, also alleged that Karthikeyan supporters also attacked their husbands.

When Mr Karthikeyan tried to give his explanation, Ms Sneha allegedly tried to attack him with her shoes, but other advisers stopped her. Following this, Mrs. Nalini announced that the meeting was over. But after that too, a war of words took place in the meeting. Considering that the situation had worsened, the municipal commissioner Ganesan informed the police of Tiruchengode, who came to the scene and pacified the two parties.

Police said Sneha, Thamaraiselvi and Radha were previously with DMK. Having failed to secure party seats in the city local body elections, they ran as independent candidates and won the election. This created enmity between them and supporters of Mr. Karthikeyan (he is also the DMK secretary of Tiruchengode city). On October 23, a clash erupted between the husbands of independent councilors and supporters of Mr Karthikeyan, and in the attack the husbands of independent councilors were injured, police officials added.