THRIVE Bowen and Kwantlen Polytechnic team up to build more community greenhouses, more food resilience


THRIVE Bowen and Kwantlen Polytechnic Seek Local Support for Community Greenhouse Project

Eighteen months ago, the people of Bowen Island were confronted with a reality that was previously unimaginable: the continuous flow of food and other essentials, channeled through long supply chains from across the country. world, suddenly became unstable and uncertain.

From farm labor shortages to slaughterhouse closures, COVID-19 has interrupted global food sources, including ours. Local food production has grown from being a “good to have” status to an essential element of community and family resilience.

THRIVE Bowen shares the concerns of many other Islanders actively concerned about local food resilience. We are a dedicated group of Bowen residents with extensive local and global experience in sustainability, community economic development, regenerative economies, environmental strategies, and large initiatives large and small.

“How do we produce enough local food? Is a key issue for community and family resilience. We know that agricultural technologies, such as greenhouses, are essential for local food production all year round. What THRIVE wants to know is: Are community-owned commercial greenhouses viable on Bowen Island? Are they part of the solution?

In partnership with the Institute for Sustainable Food Systems at Kwantlen Polytechnic University, THRIVE Bowen wants to conduct a feasibility study for community-owned commercial greenhouses in Bowen. This analysis would confirm whether the greenhouses are viable here or not, and if they are, would pave the way for their realization. These analyzes will benefit you, your family and the entire community.

“It has become increasingly clear that our resilience is not only a good thing for Bowen, but that it is increasingly essential,” said Jae Mather, THRIVE Bowen co-founder and global expert in sustainable development. “Climate change is now starting to directly affect our island life and this is only the beginning. COVID-19 has highlighted the fragility of our society, our supply chains and has helped us focus on the sanctity of our native island.

“THRIVE is exactly the kind of effort we need to take a closer look at what’s possible on Bowen.”

But Bowen must act fast. Thanks to donors such as First Credit Union, Vancity and the Municipality of Bowen Island, THRIVE raised over $ 23,000 of its goal of $ 36,000.

“When we were approached by the developers of THRIVE Bowen about their plan to bring community-owned commercial greenhouses to the island, we were delighted to have the opportunity to support them,” said Kevin Manning , Director of the Bowen Island branch of First Credit Union. “Building on local initiatives like this, initiatives that create sustainability, food resilience and a healthier community, is possible because of the support we receive from our members on Bowen.

“We are delighted to redirect a portion of our profits back to the community in this way! “

Unless THRIVE can raise the remaining $ 13,000, Bowen will forgo an opportunity to help secure our food production and our future.

Can you help? Your donation is tax deductible through KPU. Register your commitment by emailing Sherri Magson, Director of Advancement at [email protected] Please include your full name and the amount of the pledged donation. Please also CC Caroline Chiu, project manager at [email protected]

The subject line should be “Commitment to Bowen Island KPU ISFS Research Project”.

When THRIVE reaches its goal of $ 36,000, KPU will convert your pledge and issue you a tax receipt.

Can you donate today? Each contribution benefits you, your loved ones, your neighbors and your Island. Give generously and make a difference in their future. They will thank you. THRIVE Bowen thanks you.


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