The National Museum of Egyptian Civilization gets its own app

The National Museum of Egyptian Civilization in Fustat, which you might recognize as the final resting place of the royal mummies from the Golden Parade of the Pharaohs, has just launched its own app. Currently available on Google Play and the App Store, the new app – simply called “NMEC” – was developed in cooperation with IPMagiX, and allows you to stay in touch with the museum in a quick and easy way.

The app comes with four categories: ‘Activities’, ‘Facilities’, ‘Events’ and ‘Visit Us’. ‘Activities’ and ‘Events’ keep you up to date with the museum’s cultural offerings, providing you with a range of interactive experiences to help you stay in touch with Egypt’s history. “Facilities” lists all the buildings you can visit, while “Visit Us” will take you to a handy map of the museum with opening hours and ticket prices (if you must know, it’s just EGP 10).

You can also tap the drop-down menu to get an in-depth look at some of their major exhibits, and even get a glimpse of some of their current temporary exhibits. Currently, there is a temporary exhibition on Egyptian cultural exchanges with its North and East African neighbors, showcasing a number of colorful textiles and stunning jewelry.