The Minister of Municipality launches the National Integrated Solid Waste Management Program

* 18R initiative highlighted during the conference

* Nasooh cartoon character to help raise awareness

HE Minister of Municipalities Abdullah bin Abdulaziz bin Turki al-Subaie on Monday announced the launch of the National Integrated Solid Waste Management Program during the opening of the 2022 Second Waste Management Conference and Exhibition, attended by HE the Minister of Environment and Climate Change Sheikh Dr Faleh bin Nasser bin Ahmed bin Ali al-Thani.
The two-day event was organized by the Ministry of Municipality.
In his opening speech, HE the Minister of Municipality stressed that the organization of the second Waste Management Conference and Exhibition is part of the great importance that Qatar attaches to the issue of reducing , waste management and waste recycling, in order to be a versatile source for a number of diverse products, industries and businesses that serve the economy and contribute to the preservation of the Qatari environment.
HE al-Subaie also pointed out that the exhibition is part of the implementation of the Ministry of Municipality’s sustainable strategy and the integrated waste management plan, in addition to the development of policies and legislation that supports waste reduction and national awareness programs and campaigns.
He said that the Ministry of Municipality has developed a comprehensive strategy to deal with all types of waste and has also adopted a comprehensive plan through the development of an integrated national program for solid waste management. It aims to create an integrated infrastructure to manage solid waste management activities, to reduce the volume of waste and to strengthen the partnership with the private sector to invest in the solid waste management sector, as well as to raise awareness and build public awareness of waste reduction and the importance of recycling.
HE the Minister noted that to achieve these objectives, a team has been formed to achieve the best possible results for this program. International companies specializing in this field have also been hired to support the team in implementing the desired objectives to preserve environmental security and achieve sustainable development in order to find the best solutions and use modern technology to follow the pace of population growth and urban and economic development. witness from Qatar, he added.
The Second Waste Management Conference and Exhibition provides an important international platform to attract governmental and semi-governmental institutions, the private sector and local factories to communicate and exchange ideas and knowledge on waste management, treatment and waste recycling.
On the first day of the conference, the ministry launched a number of private and modern initiatives, aimed at multiple sectors of the country, in addition to supporting the idea of ​​community participation to preserve the environment and encouraging investments in this area.
The director of the recycling and waste treatment department at the Ministry of Municipalities, Hamad Jassim al-Bahr, told a press conference that the conference is witnessing the launch of many initiatives, such as the 18R initiative, linked recycling, research and others. , in addition to the launch of the cartoon character Nasooh, which aims to raise awareness among different parties.
Through the cartoon character, a number of messages related to recycling and sorting at source will be conveyed, al-Bahr said, noting that the ministry is working on the construction of a technical landfill and that the call for was launched for this purpose.
The Secretary General of the 2023 Doha International Horticultural Expo and Director of the Department of Public Parks at the Ministry of Municipality, Mohamed Ali al-Khouri, said that participation in such conferences aims to promote values ​​that encourage sustainability and preservation of the environment, which is a fundamental pillar of Qatar’s National Vision 2030, and noted that the Expo team was working to support such initiatives.
Preparations for the Doha Expo are progressing with 23 countries having so far agreed to participate in the event, he said, expressing the aspiration for 80 countries to participate.
He explained that the Doha Expo will be held from October 2023 to March 2024 and will be the most important event after the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022.
The Expo will provide a framework to discuss a set of ideas, studies and research related to agriculture in Qatar and in the desert countries, and the equation is how to green the cities and plant in the desert areas by using existing resources and reducing their consumption, he added.

Last update: June 13, 2022 9:30 p.m.