The Mayor of KSD Municipality presents his 100-day plan

The Executive Mayor of KSD Municipality, Nyaniso Nelani, has unveiled his plans for his first 100 days in office.

Photo: Luvo Cakata (Archives)

The Executive Mayor of King Sabata Dalindyebo (KSD) Municipality, Nyaniso Nelani, outlined the priority outcomes that municipal citizens can expect during his first 100 days in office for the current council term.

Nelani detailed his plans in a report tabled at a special meeting of the local municipality‘s council, held on January 12.

The Executive Mayor’s 100-day plan began on January 12 and will end in April 2022.

“One of the cardinal goals that King Sabata Dalindyebo is working towards is achieving metropolitan status by 2026.

“Therefore, the task ahead of us is to ensure that all programs undertaken under the various Government Outcomes in KSD work in synergy towards achieving this goal of metropolitan status,” reads the statement. report.

The report further outlines four priorities for the current terms of the council, namely infrastructure investment, economic investment, service delivery and institutional development.

It also highlights the challenges that the current council will face such as high rate of urbanization, low revenue base, land claims, aging infrastructure, poor connectivity (ICT), high unemployment rate and a low literacy base.

Some of the municipal programs that Nelani will lead as part of his 100-day plan include the replanting of the Coffee Bay government compound in Mapuzi and the replanting of the logistics hub in Viedgesville, as well as the handing over of 411 urban housing title deeds. . at Maydene Farm and the handover of 120 homes under the rural housing scheme.