The community deplores the poor condition of the roads in Kenville and Sea Cow Lake


Another road was closed in the Kenville / Sea Cow Lake area after an overflowing manhole rendered the street nearly unusable.

It comes after the closure of Kew Road, which collapsed more than six months ago, and Kenville Road, which closed due to the construction of the Go Bus terminal in 2018.

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One of the residents of Sea Cow Lake Road who had to endure the “disgusting” conditions caused by the broken sewage system for nearly a week, Sayed Ismail, described the overflowing manhole problem as a perpetual problem.

“This area is turning to rubbish and rubble before our eyes. First some roads collapsed, now our streets are flooded with sewage. We have been suffering from the flooding of this road for years because of the manholes bursting. This should be something the municipality should strive to fix permanently, ”he said.

Kenville / Sea Cow Lake Taxpayers Association president Wayne Govender has said the state of the roads in the area is a death trap.

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“As an association, we get daily calls from angry residents about our roads. Whether it’s Kew Road or the flooding on Sea Cow Lake Road. Residents are in danger on either road. No real solution is offered to residents, which causes a lot of frustration, ”said Govender.

Ward 34 councilor Dr Bobby Maharajh said, “I have been in contact with the municipality regarding the two issues and have yet to receive a favorable response so far,” Maharajh said.

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