The City publishes a draft by-law on the planning permit for examination


The Town of Huntsville Planning Department has released its first Planning Permit By-law (PPC) for review.

The regulation establishes a new way of obtaining planning approvals, which staff and consultants believe will streamline the process. It was compiled by planning staff, community feedback and a team of consultants led by SGL Planning & Design Inc. in association with Dillon Consulting.

The planning tool combines the development approval process by processing all zoning changes, minor deviations and site plan agreements into one application.

“This means that the CPP settlement will give Huntsville the ability to regulate and manage development in a more streamlined and flexible way, with claims being reviewed within 45 days.

“For the community, this means faster approval times, fewer applications and fewer approvals that need to be considered by the Board.

“The by-law will help the City to address some of the lingering development issues, such as erosion, natural heritage, tree removal and site modification,” reads the introduction to the draft by-law. on the municipality’s community engagement site.

Under the CPR, zones are called constituencies. Planning staff will be given more approval authority on most files – depending on the nature of the requests, which are classified into three categories. Categories one and two may be approved by the planning staff, while the third would be approved by the planning committee and council, unless staff or the requester otherwise. Below are the three classifications and who approves what:

Planning staff have said for some time that the CPR would replace the need for regulations regarding tree felling and site modification.

“What we can do with a RPC by-law is different from a zoning by-law because the definition of ‘development’ in the Planning Act is different when it is a RPC and deals with vegetation removal and site modification. A zoning by-law does not allow this type of tool, ”explained Kirstin Maxwell, director of planning in Huntsville.

“What we proposed in the first draft regulation are limitations on the amount of site modification and vegetation removal that can occur, at specific locations (ie. To get feedback on the draft, we are planning an open house and a public meeting, and we are just working on updates to the page, ”she added.

She said more information and a presentation highlighting the CPP process and how it works will soon be added to the City’s engagement page.

The draft by-law will be amended to reflect stakeholder feedback and a series of public consultation sessions are expected to take place before a final by-law is drafted and finally approved by council. You can find the draft regulation here (pdf).

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