The best monuments of Rus civilization to build for every age

In Age of Empires 4, players in the Rus civilization must build landmarks to move into each new era. The best options strengthen the economy, then the military.

In Age of Empires 4, players can advance to the next age in the Rus civilization by creating landmarks. Monuments have replaced the mechanic in the past Age of Empire games in which players had to construct a number of buildings to reach a new era. Most civilizations of Age of Empires 4including the Rus, have a choice of two landmarks at each age, and only one can be built per game. By gathering the necessary materials, players can advance their Rus civilization as soon as possible with the best Landmark of that age.

There are three ages that every civilization must reach in Age of Empires 4. After collecting enough materials for the monument of their choice, players in the Rus civilization will reach the Feudal Age, then the Castle Age, and finally the Imperial Age. Each monument requires resources to build and advance to the next age. Players who excel at real-time strategy games can challenge themselves with a variety of benchmarks, but ultimately each civilization has a clear path for which benchmarks are easiest to use.


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The Rus Civilization is for players who feel comfortable dealing with a fast-paced economy and an offensive effort simultaneously. Rus Civilization offers a mixed play style that compares to France and the Holy Roman Empire in Age of Empires 4. The three best monuments of Rus civilization are the Golden Gate, Trinity Abbey, and the High Armory, which bolster the economy of civilization and then quickly turn to a military objective.

Best monuments of Rus civilization to build in Age of Empires 4

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The Golden Gate is an economic monument of the Rus civilization which brings Rus into the feudal era. The Golden Gate allows the exchange of resources at a favorable rate, returning 1.5 times the number of resources exchanged. In addition, the Golden Gate generates an additional trade every minute from its own pool of infinite resources and gives it to the player. This monument is also ideal for team play, as the Rus can help allies receive the necessary resources. In addition, for team play, players should note that the Rus civilization is well in synergy with the French civilization in Age of Empires 4.

The Abbey of the Trinity is a religious monument of the Rus civilization which brings Rus into the age of the castle. The Trinity Abbey acts as a monastery and can produce warrior monks for half the price, quickly bolstering Rus’ military might in the Castle Age. This Rus monument also contains unique religious technologies. This is a great choice for players who can advance to the next age before their opponents so that Warrior Monks can take Relics as quickly as possible in Age of Empires 4.

High Armory is a military monument of the Rus civilization which ages Rus to the Imperial Age. The High Armory reduces the cost of siege engines by 20% in nearby siege workshops and contains unique siege techs like Wandering Town, Siege Crew Training, and Fine Tuned Guns. Respectively, these technologies increase ram damage by 100%, allow for instant setup and teardown of Trebuchets and Mangonels, and reduce bombard reload times by 25%.

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