Terna S p A: The Lazio Region, the Municipality of Rome and Terna sign a memorandum of understanding for the modernization of the Italian capital’s electricity network





The agreement covers work to increase the efficiency and sustainability of the electricity network

Planned investments of more than 60 million euros

Terna will finance rehabilitation and repair works on many sections of the Tiber quay

Rome, March 10, 2022 – The Mayor of Rome Roberto Gualtieri, the President of the Lazio Region Nicola Zingaretti and the CEO of Terna Stefano Donnarumma today signed a Memorandum of Understanding at the Terna Auditorium to establish a partnership between the three parties aimed at develop infrastructure to further increase the efficiency, sustainability and safety of Rome’s electricity system.

The agreement relates in particular to a major project on Rome’s high-voltage network to replace the entire 150 kV underground power line which connects the primary cabins “Laurentina” and “Flaminia” via the primary cabins “Ostiense”, “Villa Borghese” and “Nomentana”. The work will involve

four “invisible” connections extending for a total of about 25 km, with investments of more than 60 €

million. Some of the new cables, more technologically advanced than their predecessors, will be placed alongside existing lines, while others will be laid on new routes.

Under the terms of the agreement – valid for five years from its signature – a permanent Technical Round Table will be set up to share schedules and work methods, in order to limit traffic disruptions and collectively manage any difficulties. .

The activities covered by the Memorandum will generate multiple benefits for the Rome region.

First, the network will be modernized and optimized, providing significant benefits to the city in terms of the quality of its electricity supply thanks to a transmission system that will become even more efficient and reliable.

In accordance with the signed agreement, in addition to the replacement of the high voltage power lines, Terna will also carry out a series of compensatory works to redevelop, restore and preserve the urban environment. In particular, in the section between Ponte Matteotti and Ponte Marconi, extraordinary maintenance works will be carried out to widen the carriageways and adapt the pedestrian crossings. In addition, the company will finance the implementation of redevelopment works of various sections along the Tiber embankment to improve the usability for residents and tourists, such as the installation of video surveillance and lighting systems along platform and access stairs, restoration and cleaning of green spaces. , pavement resurfacing and installation of flood prevention systems.

Terna, the Municipality of Rome and the Lazio Region are also committed to promoting all possible forms of reciprocal collaboration to speed up project implementation times, in order to ensure that the Italian capital has access to a safer electricity system. and more efficient while improving and preserving the natural and environmental heritage of the city.

“The memorandum signed today with the Municipality of Rome and the Lazio region confirms our constant commitment to promote engagement and dialogue with local communities and the bodies and authorities that govern them.“, said Stefano Donnarumma, CEO of Terna. “Thanks to this important partnership, we will be able to make Rome’s high-voltage electricity network even more sustainable and efficient, using state-of-the-art techniques and technologies and respecting the environment, the archaeological sites and the landscape to ensure sustainability. maximum.”

“The modernization of the electricity network is a crucial step in the commitment for an increasingly sustainable and efficient city. I would therefore like to thank Terna for this agreement which foresees total investments of more than 60 million euros. will have advantages for our territory, in terms of quality and security of supply and energy savings. redevelopment measures provided for in the agreement, starting with those concerning the various sections of the quay of the Tiber. The protocol signed today is a positive model of collaboration that unites urban and territorial development and environmental protection”, said Rome Mayor Roberto Gualtieri.

“I would like to thank Terna for the modernization of the city’s electricity network, which will allow us – said Nicola Zingaretti, president of the Lazio region – to adapt the existing infrastructures to the new needs of the entire area concerned. An electricity network efficiency involves reducing losses and therefore reducing emissions related to the production of electricity.Thanks to this, the city will be in line with the objectives of environmental protection and energy saving that we have set ourselves. Today’s agreement is also an important opportunity to strengthen interlocutions between Terna, the Municipality and the Region with the aim of optimizing execution times and proposing a shared regeneration urban plan, resolving many problems that persist in the city.