Using the world’s most sensitive radio telescope, a team of Australian astronomers spent seven hours listening for signs of an alien civilization – but found nothing. Using the Murchison Widefield Array (MWA) in the Western Australian desert, experts from California’s SETI Institute set out to find “techno-signatures”. Finding these signs,Read More →

“The Young Drummer of Messolonghi” overlooks the Acropolis from Athens 13th Primary School in Mets, while the ’21 Combatants’ Pantheon accompanies students from 133rd Primary School in Kypseli. Two other impressive large-scale murals, give color and breath to the school buildings of Athens, thus completing the program of four publicRead More →

A painted pottery jar discovered at the Nanzuo site in Gansu province this year. CHINA DAILY Archaeological ruins some 5,000 years old on the Loess Plateau can provide crucial clues to the beginnings of Chinese civilization. New archaeological excavations this year at the Nanzuo heritage site in Qingyang, Gansu province,Read More →

/ MEDIA STATEMENT / This content is not written by Creamer Media, but is a media statement provided. October 2021 – Tshwane City Metropolitan Municipality won the first Green Economy Change Champions competition for its project that adds value to biosolids produced in wastewater treatment facilities. The competition celebrated inspiringRead More →

Two important new exhibitions are organized by Culture, Sports and Youth Organization of the Municipality of Athens (OPANDA) in its premises in September, from Rallou Panagiotou entitled “Pocket microclimate” at the Arts Center of the Municipality of Athens and Dionysis Sotoviki entitled “Rodakis’ house” at the Museum of Art andRead More →

The homeless are among the population groups most exposed to the coronavirus. They have limited access to necessary protective equipment, such as masks and antiseptics, and often live in conditions of severe and chronic social, physical and mental insecurity. The municipality of Athens, through the Reception and Solidarity Center (KYADA),Read More →

CHONGQING, China – (COMMERCIAL THREAD) – On August 13, 2021, the China-Chongqing (Wulong) Green Development Practices Forum was held at Fairy Mountain, Wulong District, Chongqing. Chongqing Municipal People’s Congress Committee. In the forum, many well-known and dominant national academics and experts, industry elites through “online + offline” combinations shared theirRead More →

CHONGQING, China, August 24, 2021– (BUSINESS WIRE) – On August 13, 2021, the China-Chongqing (Wulong) Green Development Practices Forum was held at Fairy Mountain, Wulong District, Chongqing, and was jointly sponsored by the Central Committee of Chinese Peasants and Workers Democratic Party and the Standing Committee of the Chongqing MunicipalRead More →

Citizens of Yangzhou, east China’s Jiangsu Province, undergo nucleic acid testing on Sunday as part of the latest outbreak with a total of 94 confirmed cases reported on Tuesday. Photo: IC The city of Yangzhou, in eastern China’s Jiangsu province, has placed all communities in the main urban area underRead More →

Straight from the biography: “Edward Slingerland is a distinguished academic researcher and professor of Asian studies at the University of British Columbia, with adjunct positions in psychology and philosophy, as well as co-director of the Center for the Study of the Human Evolution, Cognition and Culture and Director of theRead More →

While human civilization has developed in many places around the world, it first appeared thousands of years ago in the ancient Middle East. “We see the first cities, the first scriptures and the first technologies to originate in Mesopotamia,” says Kelly-Anne Diamond, visiting assistant professor of history at the UniversityRead More →

Almost simultaneously, when the ancient Egyptians were building their first great pyramids and the Mesopotamians were constructing monumental temples and ziggurats, the Harappans of South Asia were erecting huge fired-brick dwelling complexes and cutting elaborate canal systems. Along with ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia, it was one of the first large-scaleRead More →