Sundre council approves third application for community grants

The Organizing Grants Policy was created in 2019 for Sundre Groups with two annual rounds of funding requests.

SUNDRE — The council approved some changes to the municipality’s organization grants policy that was created in 2019, including the addition of a third intake cycle for funding applications.

Linda Nelson, Executive Director, presented to the Board at the regular meeting on June 13 the changes to the policy as proposed by the Bylaws Review Committee, which is comprised of Board members.

Among the key changes recommended was increasing the number of annual admissions cycles allowing local groups to apply for funding two to three times a year.

The deadlines are as follows: January 31, May 31 and September 30, or the last working day of these months.

Another proposed change was to the section of the policy that states the intent of the program.

The phrase “with demonstrated need” was removed from the end of a sentence which now reads: “Grants are intended to provide modest levels of support and assistance to non-profit community organizations and to other organizations. »

Among a few other changes, the wording has also been updated to clarify that the policy does not apply to wage support for permanent or part-time regular employees, and that subsidies will not be provided for wages or salaries. regular staff positions or board fees. .

“That seems to clean it up a bit,” Mayor Richard Warnock said.

“I think it reflects how the board originally intended this grant policy to be,” the councilor said. Jaime Marr, adding that she looks forward to participating in the review process for applications submitted in the next school year.

The board unanimously approved the revised policy as presented.

Funds allocated

Later in the same meeting, the board also approved funding allocations to nine groups that had applied for the grant program as recommended by the review committee.

Nelson told the board that 10 requests representing a cumulative total of just over $54,000 were initially received. Ultimately, the committee provided the board with recommended approvals for nine of them.

The first was for Sundre and District Cemetery in the amount of $1,000 to help replace an aging computer and software for the council.

“They are using very old software that no longer works for them,” she said.

Com. Paul Isaac asked if the municipality has ever provided assistance to this group in the past and if the city helps organizations that are not within the municipal boundaries.

“We have not given grants to the cemetery in the past,” Nelson said, adding that the group “is confident that this space is also used by the citizens of the City of Sundre.”

Isaac said Mountain View County has also not provided funding historically, and added that there have been previous discussions that the city would agree to allocate a level of funding for the cemetery on the condition that the county does as well.

“They contributed last year,” Warnock said of County.

Nelson added that the county had approved all of the $1,000 requested by the cemetery organization.

The Commission proceeded to approve the application without opposition.

The Slingshot Garage, which hosts an annual rally, received $1,500 to help pay for entertainment, welcome bags, and location and venue fees in town.

The Sundre Rodeo and Race Association, which hosts the annual Sundre Pro Rodeo, received $5,000 to offset the cost of publicity, including signage, banners, programs, radio spots and print advertisements.

The Sundre Pickleball Club has been awarded $2,200 to purchase three heavy-duty nets for the outdoor courts behind Sundre High School, a project budgeted at around $9,100 by the club, which has also raised funds to cover the costs .

Sundre Bulls and Wagons received $3,000 to pay for promotion and advertising as well as rental of equipment such as portable toilets and garbage removal.

The Sundre Bike n’ Ski Club received $4,050 to support the group’s efforts to expand trail maintenance and to cover the cost of obtaining national coaching certificates for volunteers.

The Sundre Curling Club was also to receive interim funding to help defray a substantial cost of repairing the roof of its facility. Council passed a motion approving $11,616 for the curling club, pending successful award to the group of $50,000 from the provincial Community Facility Enhancement and Alberta Tourism grant programs.

Speaking in favor of this motion, Con. Chris Vardas said the curling club had never really asked for money over the years and brought a lot of business to the community.

Sundre Daycare received $2,000 to help offset the cost of admissions for the 2022 field trip of its summer youth program.

“As a community, we need to support some of these programs,” the mayor said. “I don’t think we can fund them, but if we can do the cost for young families by paying for part – or half – of the event, I think we should.”

Last but not least, the Play 4 Sundre Kidz organization, which hosts an annual golf fundraiser to help young people access sporting opportunities, received $500.

Following a closed session of council following the regular public meeting, council resumed public session and proceeded to pass a motion approving one-time funding for the Sundre Curling Club in the amount of $18,384 for urgent repairs to the roof of their facility, pending the successful award of $50,000 from the Alberta Community Facility Improvement and Tourism Grant Program, with funding to be drawn from the limited general stabilization surplus of the company.