Standerton community is at wits end over water supply – Ridge Times

Water shortages in Kosmospark and intermittent downtown supply are no picnic.

A Kosmospark resident who wishes to remain anonymous recently contacted the Standerton Advertiser, saying he had been without water for a number of days.

“I called the water treatment manager at Lekwa and she told me that the pumping station was running with two pumps instead of three,” he said.

The reason for this is apparently that it is an elevated area and the community cannot receive water as the pressure is low.

According to reports, the residents share the water line with Early Bird and, as noted, the third broken pump was sent for repair.

“We don’t know if the installation of the pump will be done immediately,” added the resident.

the standerton Advertiser contacted Lekwa Municipality Communications Officer Mrs. Thobeka Mtshiselwa via WhatsApp on Thursday, January 27.

An inquiry was made for an official comment on the water situation.

Goldi has meanwhile arranged for a tanker truck to deliver water to the residents of Kosmospark.

The truck was parked next to the small blockade on Impala Street and the community had to bring in their empty containers.

The newspaper also contacted the DA’s ward councilor in Kosmospark, Mr. Alberto Franco, on the same day to find out the party’s point of view on the situation.

The water problems in the city center were mainly due to the Kieser Street reservoir, tottering under faulty equipment.

Ms. Wilma Venter, ward councilor for Freedom Front Plus in Ward 10, referred the newspaper to Lekwa’s notice of the settlement last Thursday.

They said a new pumping unit would be installed and should be completed by January 29.

“It should be noted that the network must be full and thereafter the community water supply will stabilize,” the notice said.

Scheduled maintenance at the Standerton sewage treatment plant took place from January 19 to January 26, according to a municipal notice.

A total of 11 neighborhoods were affected and, according to Lekwa, logistical issues prevented maintenance from being done during the holiday season.

The delivery of a new booster pump was, however, scheduled for Friday 14 January.

Lekwa said the delay in delivery was due to the holiday season and added that the supplier had promised delivery.

the standerton Advertiser asked for an update on the situation a fortnight ago and asked for the contact details of the supplier.