South Frontenac launches new branding celebrating nature and community

The new logo for the Township of Frontenac Sud. Image via the Township of Frontenac Sud.

Those of Frontenac Sud and those who frequent the area will begin to notice changes as the Township rolls out its new brand image.

The brand update celebrates South Frontenac’s “natural environment and sense of community,” the township said in a press release launching the new brand on Friday, August 20, 2021. The rebranding has been initiated by the township in the fall of 2019 as part of the Frontenac Sud Strategic Plan 2019-2022. It was developed by 1dea Design + Media Inc. of Kingston, with advice from South Frontenac City Council, a municipal committee and input from the community, the township said, and “the modernized brand of South Frontenac represents the progress and future of the community, while paying homage to its roots and the natural environment.

“A brand is more than just a logo, it’s an idea or a feeling about something that develops over time,” said Mayor Ron Vandewal. “Our previous logo, developed after the merger, has treated us well over the past 21 years, but the council agreed it was time to consider the Township’s branding beyond a simple logo.

The township said the new branding is designed to exemplify “the community’s shared beliefs about who we are, how we are different and why we are special, and to reflect its active, dynamic and progressive nature,” and noted that the branding process “not only resulted in new visuals, but also the development of a narrative, including a brand story, a promise and other tools and information. that will guide how South Frontenac communicates and promotes itself in the future. The official name of the municipality will remain the Township of South Frontenac.

According to the township, the results of the community survey identified six brand attributes that represent the key traits of South Frontenac: natural, practical, user-friendly, resilient, peaceful and progressive. From these, the city committee developed stories “as a way to bring the brand to life.

“South Frontenac is more than a place; it’s a breath of fresh air, it’s where you can enjoy a more balanced and relaxed life. It is an opportunity to live in the countryside, surrounded by picturesque lakes, trails and wide open spaces while being part of a thriving and vibrant community. These are small towns with great opportunities, original offerings from artisans and traders, and easy access to all the amenities you desire. South Frontenac is the rural life you dream of without compromising on convenience or a sense of community, ”states the brand positioning statement of the South Frontenac Brand Manual.

The “brand essence” explanation of the new South Frontenac logo. Graph via the Canton of Frontenac Sud.

As such, the new logo and visuals were designed to reflect the three distinct landscapes of South Frontenac, as well as its people, “represented by a community made up of smaller communities”. The four elements – Canadian Shield, Lakes and Waterways, Rural Lands and Soils, and Community – “represent what South Frontenac has been built upon, a shared sense of resilience and adventure, and what this community will continue to enjoy. and protect. “

“I am grateful to everyone involved, especially our volunteer committee and the nearly 400 residents who took the time to give us their feedback last fall as part of a public survey. it’s a true representation of a community, ”Vandewal said in a statement.

“The ‘identity’ of our community has developed over generations. With this branding exercise, we tried to put this identity into words and visuals. We can now use these new tools to strengthen who we are and what makes this place special for current and future residents and visitors.

The township said that over the next few months, the public will begin to see the new mark applied to digital media, signage, vehicle stickers and other applications. According to South Frontenac Council documents, the total cost of implementing the branding is estimated to be between $ 5,000 and $ 10,000, “most of which is contained in the operating budgets of departments and does not represent a new cost. The most significant costs will be the purchase of new vehicle decals and the replacement of some road signs / installation signs (parts of signs only).

For more information on the new branding, including the South Frontenac Brand Manual, click here.

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