Saptakoshi-4 Municipality Flooded Due to Chandra Channel Collapse “Khabarhub

Saptakoshi-4 Municipality Flooded Due to Chandra Canal Collapse

Saptakoshi-4 Municipality Flooded Due to Chandra Canal Collapse

A view of Chandra Nahar (canal)–the oldest canal in the country–in Saptari. (Photo: RoBN)

SAPTARI: Majority of wards in Saptakoshi Municipality in Saptari District were submerged after the collapse of Chandra Nahar (Chandra Canal).

The country’s oldest canal at Tulasichowk in Ward 4 was damaged by the rain-triggered flood.

Zahir Hussein, chairman of Ward No. 2, said flooding of Mamaha Jutpani, Satrapatra, Tyangra, among other rivers, damaged the canal resulting in flooding of several houses in Saptakoshi township.

The municipality with 11 wards is located between Saptakoshi River in the east, Chure Hill in the west and Triyuga River in the south. Damage to properties worth millions incurred due to flooding and flooding.

The paddy planted on hundreds of bigha was also destroyed by the floods, shared Krishna Prasad Dhakal, Mayor of Saptakoshi Municipality.

Ward No. 1 office was also overwhelmed, office assistant Raj Kumar Ram said, adding that all papers and electronic devices were damaged.

Water from the damaged canal entered the human settlement at night, which added to the woes of the residents here.

Ram Bahadur Bista said the water rose up to six feet at his house. Water from swollen rivers and streams entered the channel and washed out the channel, according to another local Gunaraj Sapkota.

The canal was the oldest irrigation facility in the country. A dozen siphons of the channel constructed from the main dam to the Ganga Jali River will be closed.