Riyadh Municipality’s campaign to improve the urban landscape continues

Saudi Gazette report

RIYADH – The Municipality of Riyadh has confirmed that field campaigns are still underway to resolve the situation in the central districts of the capital with the participation of 12 government entities, which are working to prevent any violation of regulations and improve the urban landscape. .

The joint campaign has resulted in the arrest of 212 offenders over the past seven days. The campaign coincided with the implementation of 156 rounds of inspections in commercial establishments, resulting in the issuance of 50 review and violation notices, as well as the confiscation of 11.9 tons of foodstuffs.

The campaign resulted in the closure of 35 offending sites, the cutting of electricity and water in 18 buildings, the destruction of 1,172 types of items and the disposal of unfit food in 353 cases.

The Joint Operations Room includes Riyadh Province, Municipality, Riyadh Police and Traffic Police, General Directorate of Passports, Civil Defense, Ministries of Commerce, Human Resources and Social Development, the Saudi Data and Artificial Intelligence Authority (SDAIA) and the Communications and Information Technology Commission, in addition to the Saudi Electricity Company and the National Water Company.