Riverside Community Garden Receives City Funding

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Kirkland Lake Council has approved an application for $4,750 under the municipality’s Community Grant Program for the Riverside Community Garden.

Content of the article

In a report to council, director of community services, Bonnie Sackrider, said: “Community grants are a mechanism for council to provide financial assistance for projects that will benefit the community and improve the quality of life for the citizens of Kirkland Lake.

In previous years, $25,000 was allocated annually for grants as part of the operating budget. The maximum allocation per applicant shall not exceed $5,000 unless otherwise approved by the board.

“The policy states that the director of community services should review requests for completeness and prioritize recommendations based on completeness and compliance with conditions, then forward the recommendations to the board.”

The report goes on to state that the application is for “a contribution towards the construction of a community garden at the site of the former playground off Victoria Street in Swastika. Grant dollars will be invested in soil, lumber and siding for planters, garden hoses and supplies, concrete blocks, signage and a picnic table.

Sackrider ended the report by stating, “Riverside Community Church is very active within the community and provides space and services to residents of Swastika and residents of surrounding communities, including Kirkland Lake. The benefits associated with the garden are many and would benefit not only those who are active in gardening themselves, but many other people who can benefit from the aesthetics of the garden.