Portuguese community workshop to transform textile scraps into eco-design pieces

Portuguese community workshop to transform textile scraps into eco-design pieces

From textile waste to textile wealth

The Municipality of Vouzela (Portugal) joins forces with several partners of the textile industry and the local vocational school to create a community sewing workshop, which will use unused fabrics and materials from local businesses to make new products. The advantage will be reduction of textile waste at the local level, the introduction of circular methodsand the ability for creatives to generate additional income using open source material.

Use every last thread

The sewing workshop will use raw materials recovered from local industry, which would otherwise be incinerated or landfilled. The latter automatically means waste reduction accumulation and reduction of carbon emissions.

The workshop will be created as part of the sustainable project By.Vouzelawhich involves several partners, received funding of 15,000 euros from the 2022 Caixa Social Awards.

Students of Vouzela Professional School Fashion Design Course will be responsible for product creation and Beira Interior University will develop a study on By.Vouzela project. The Escola Superior de Artes e Design de Matosinhos (College of Design) will contribute to the creation of fashion for the stylistic differentiation of design.

The mayor of Vouzela, Rui Ladeira, was pleased that it was a project that meets the three dimensions of sustainability: environmental, social and economic. “This is a project aligned with the municipality‘s commitment to becoming increasingly sustainable and which, moreover, has involved the community at several levels,“, he said, quoted by Delas fashion blog.

The mayor stressed that this project, which focuses on the model of the circular economy, “means boost local production in the textile sector by minimizing waste”. It also intends to “enhance the traditions and heritage of the region and create value for the community“.