Pakistan: Germany to help Karachi municipality restore 86-year-old clock tower

Earlier, the administrator of Karachi, lawyer Murtaza Wahab, had learned that the clock had not been functional and had asked the concerned officials to restore it as part of the government’s efforts to preserve the monuments that represent the heritage of Karachi.

The German consulate in Karachi said it had accepted a request for support from KMC to help repair the historic clock in the KMC building as part of the celebrations of 70 years of Pakistani-German relations.

As local expertise was unable to provide the in-depth maintenance necessary for the full and reliable functioning of the tower clock, which led to deterioration in its condition and partial malfunctions and functional limitations, the Consulate General of Germany in Karachi has requested support from the German master watchmaker “Perrot Tower Clocks and Bell Ringers”, in Calw near Stuttgart in Baden-Württemberg, Germany.

Perrot is particularly renowned for his installation of the largest clock in the world in the Abraj Al Bait towers (Royal Clock Tower Hotel) in Mecca. Perrot is an outstanding example of a medium-sized German family business, world champion in its field. As an expert in tower clocks and bell ringing technology, the company, which has been in business for over 155 years, has been owned by the same family for five consecutive generations.

Berthold Rapp, the company’s guest master technician, said: “In addition to the company’s current production and installation offerings for tower clocks and wall dials, we apply the skills and experience of experts at restoring historic facilities dating from the 1500s to the present day.. Old and new craftsmanship are combined to enable fully functional and aesthetically restored projects.