China’s Pearl River Delta overtakes Tokyo as the world’s largest urban area Urban growth of the Pearl River Delta in 1973 and 2003. Image © User Flicker CC NASA Goddard Space Flight Center To share To share Facebook Twitter Pinterest WhatsApp Mail Or The Pearl River Delta in ChinaRead More →

Sixty-six years ago famous town planner Frank Heath took a bite out of his hometown of Melbourne – from a safe distance. The Melbourne Herald was interviewing Heath in London. Likely causing straphangers to suffocate with their pipe smoke in red rattles across town, he told the newspaper: Australia isRead More →

While having lunch at Seattle’s Space Needle, the casual observer might imagine that one of the densest urban areas in the country lies below. Immediately south of the Space Needle is one of the country’s main city centers. In 2000, downtown Seattle had the seventh largest employment base of theRead More →