Organizing an event in an urban area? separate your waste, says Goa government | Goa News

Cleaning workers arranging garbage.

PANAJI: The state government has made it mandatory for those organizing events with more than 100 people in municipal areas to make arrangements for the separation and storage of plastic waste generated during the event.
As per Goa Model Plastic Waste Management Bylaws, 2022, the organizer shall obtain prior permission from the council and hand over the waste generated during the event to the council or agency authorized by it for disposal.
The regulations stated that every waste generator, institutional waste generator, owner and occupant must segregate plastic waste at source and store it in a blue colored container, duly covered, and deliver it to the waste collector or agency. allowed.
“The frequency and time of plastic waste collection are communicated by the municipality. The Institutional Waste Generator will deliver recyclable plastic waste to the material recovery facility or agency authorized by the council as the waste collector,” the regulations said.
The state government has also said that every street vendor must arrange for the storage of plastic waste in separate blue colored closed containers.
The regulations state that the respective council must discourage single-use plastic and implement the notifications of the Ministry of the Environment in this regard, including the time limits specified therein for the ban as well as the thickness of the material.
“The council will conduct an awareness campaign through electronic, print and social media for the minimization of single-use plastic as well as other plastics and also for the separation of plastic waste at source,” the bylaws said.
The state government said brand owners, manufacturers and producers must also raise awareness about minimizing single-use plastic and other plastics through various mediums in hotspots.
“The board shall promote the use of alternative material,” the bylaws said.


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