Open House for Billings Urban Area LRTP

The public is invited to attend an open house on the Billings Urban Area Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP). According to the press release, the event will take place on Thursday, October 6 from 5-6:30 p.m. in the Community Room at the Billings Public Library.

Public participation in the LRTP update process is needed to help identify ways to leverage the existing transportation system in Billings. It will also help make stable investments for future transportation choices in the community. Public participation in this project is very important in creating this community safety effort.

Those who attend the open house learn about the importance of the plan and why it matters to the community. There will also be a discussion of areas for improvement in the current system and how it can be improved. It will also identify how to address each project objective related to safety, accessibility, equity, etc.

The Billings-Yellowstone County Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) is leading the LRTP update process. The town of Billings is included in the planning area which extends four and a half miles outside the city limits. The LRTP deals with all forms and elements of transportation, including transit and transportation. The plan must meet state, local, and federal requirements.

DFOs must update transportation plans every four to five years, with the plan last updated in 2018. The LRTP also involves technical work, such as data collection and future growth projections. It also identifies short and long term plans for transportation and a final review plan where feedback is encouraged. The public will have further opportunities to provide feedback and help develop future community plans.

Those unable to attend the open house can view the content and provide public comments online.