Now Goa cops propose to start community policing for slums | Goa News

PANAJI: The Goa Police has proposed to launch “Community Slum Policing” in about ten slums spread across the state to prevent the criminalization of children and young people.
“If possible, a separate sub-station can be made functional in major slums to reduce crime through dispute resolution,” the Goa Police have proposed to the government.
Goa being a small state, reasonable population lives in slums such as Birla, Zuarinagar, Mangor Hill, Moti Dongor, New Vaddem, Vasco, Fakir Band, Azad Nagar etc. Difficult circumstances in slums are often caused by a multitude of factors. and the thesis argues that the characteristics of slums can potentially foster violence and crime, which can exacerbate the law and order situation in these areas, the proposal states.
“Public nuisance, drunken fights, rowdiness and other anti-social behavior are common in the slums. Slums are often notorious for facilitating the criminalization of children and youths who exhibit anti-social and delinquent tendencies mainly due to lack of livelihoods,” the Goa Police said.
Community policing can be effectively implemented in slums provided the police gain the trust of slum dwellers.
Some of the following practices used by other states can be initiated to implement the concept of “community policing in slums”.
“Dedicated PSI, ASI, HC, PC can be delegated to act as the beat officer in the slum and will only look after the particular slum area as its beat. A dedicated female officer/LHC/PC can be delegated to deal with women’s issues in the region,” Goa Police said.
Goa Police said PIs, PSIs regularly visit police stations in the slum to interact with people and hear their grievances. “The SP/SDPO may also visit once a month to build confidence among slum dwellers,” the Goa Police said.
The police also offered to organize recreational and sports activities apart from various other competitions for the youths of the slums. It was also proposed to hold a “shramadhan” once a week with the locals.
Organizing programs for girls and women to raise awareness of crimes against women and educate them on the precautions they can take to prevent such crimes is part of the proposal.
Goa Police said that for effective implementation of this concept, coordination of health department, NGOs, municipality and panchayats is required. Similarly, to put the above suggestions into practice, dedicated state or central government funds should be sanctioned.
The central government has stated that the community policing project for slums has the potential to bring about significant change in slums through police-community partnership and therefore states can implement it.
“The project, at present, has no provision for funding by the Government of India. However, if the State Government decides to fund it, the same will be communicated to the Government of India,” Goa Police said.