New Plant to Address Water Shortage in Pathanamthitta Municipality

The long-standing demand for a modern sewage treatment plant capable of meeting the severe shortage of potable water experienced by the parched upper parts of Pathanamthitta Municipality is finally becoming a reality.

According to City Chairman T. Sakkeer Hussain, the civic body has been awarded ₹15 crore under the Atal Mission for Urban Rejuvenation and Transformation (AMRUT) 2.0. The fund will be used to establish a state-of-the-art water treatment plant which will have a capacity to treat 20 lakh liters of water per day.

Of the total project expenditure, the central government will contribute 50%, while the remaining amount will be shared by the state government and Pathanamthitta Municipality. Although the initially allocated expenditure was ₹12.38 crore, the amount was increased following negotiations through the state mission.

“The upcoming plant will have a processing capacity of 10 million liters in the first phase, but will also include ancillary facilities to boost capacity. The distribution volume will be doubled at the end of the next phase,” Hussain said. The civic body is expected to launch a survey soon to identify upper areas that dry out during the summer.

Mr Hussain said the existing Pampurippara plant has the capacity to treat six and a half million liters of water, although it lacks modern treatment facilities and carries out the four key processes of aeration, sedimentation , filtration and chlorination in the same unit.

“The new plant, which will be located in the same location, will have separate units to carry out each of these processes. As it becomes operational, the existing plant will gradually cease to operate,” he added.

From the new plant, water will be pumped to aboveground reservoirs at the three highest areas for distribution throughout the municipality. To this end, the supply pipes installed by the Kerala Water Authority (KWA) decades ago will be replaced with a new pipeline, and water will be distributed through house connections.

Meanwhile, plans are also underway to link the Maniyar Dam water supply project to the AMRUT project to permanently address the drinking water shortage the municipality is experiencing. A central committee was also formed to implement the project in a timely manner.