New Jersey Assembly Passes Bill to Require Police Departments to Host Community Roundtables |

(The Center Square) — The Assembly Law and Public Safety Committee has advanced a measure that, if passed, would require New Jersey police departments to hold community roundtables on a variety of burning issues.

Below A-2654, a municipality’s law enforcement official would be required to sponsor at least two community roundtables on police relations each year. The state police superintendent would also be required to sponsor annual roundtables in the northern, central and southern regions of the state.

“If we want to make our communities safer, we must address concerns between police and the communities they protect and serve,” Assemblywoman Angela McKnight, D-Hudson, said in a statement.

Legislation requires community roundtables to include topics ranging from officer recruitment and retention to regulating body-worn cameras to use of force and internal affairs investigations. It also mandates a discussion of racial profiling and race relations.

“Creating a forum for open discussions with these roundtables is a way to overcome divisive issues involving local residents and law enforcement,” McKnight added. “By giving everyone involved the opportunity to talk about difficult and complex issues such as the use of force and racial profiling, we can encourage residents and police to work together to build mutual trust and identify the best solutions. for their communities.