Municipality of Ho Signs Sister City Memorandum of Understanding with Gainesville, Florida

The Ho Municipal Assembly and the City of Gainesville, Florida, USA signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to foster cooperation and development.

Lauren Poe, mayor of Gainesville, and Divine Bosson, municipal chief executive of Ho, signed the agreement via the virtual meeting platform, Zoom, in the presence of local stakeholders.

The MoU would lead to the exploration of common interests in the educational, economic and cultural sectors of the two cities.

Mayor Poe backed Gainesville’s accolades for renewable energy, being the fifth-largest solar power producer per capita in the world, and said a lasting partnership should benefit everyone.

He said Ho had become Gainesville’s 10th sister city in the world and the first in Africa.

“We look forward to a long relationship with the city of Ho. We are delighted to expand our relationship and continue to work for peace and security. We will work together and focus on what needs to be done together,” he remarked.

The mayor was optimistic about the common interests in health care and education, as well as the possibilities of collaboration between the institutions and organizations involved.

The Ho MCE, for his part, called the event a “historic signal between our two cities” and said, “We are the best in Africa today.”

He said nearly 70% of the city’s 200,000 residents reside in urban centers and the twin towns program would help develop its economic and social prospects.

Mr Bosson said the memorandum of understanding was the city’s second, also noting that the one with Namibia was on the table.

The MCE has tasked assembly technocrats to begin processes on the partnership agenda, while also announcing a trip to Florida in November to physically cement the deal.

Mr Bosson seemed most excited about the educational component of the project, which would create opportunities for exchange programs between cities, and said Ho had eight higher education institutions, which helped claim the center designation. of education.

The MoU plans to create a sustainable environment to help meet basic social needs and facilitate economic strengthening and the creation of business opportunities.

The MCE said the municipality‘s first sister city partnership, which was with Finland, would be reactivated.

Assembly technocrats, including the presiding member and the municipal engineer, have all pledged their support for the program.

Gainsville is the main city of the Greater Gainesville area and has a population of approximately 150,000.

It is home to the University of Florida, the fourth in population in the United States, and which is the main driver of the local economy.

Ho Municipality has Ghana’s leading health university, the University of Health and Allied Sciences (UHAS), which is a decade-old institution that ranks among the best in the sub-region.

The regional capital is also said to be Ghana’s oxygen city and the spirit and soul of tourism development in the endowed Volta region.