Municipality of Haldia: The police confiscated 1500 files from the Municipality of HaldiaNews WAALI

Haldia: The police confiscated 150 files and documents from the municipality of Haldia. Accusations of corruption and nepotism have long weighed on the former president of the municipality. After that, the police started investigating the incident. Then 150 files and documents were confiscated.

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It was September 29. 3/32 A complaint was lodged at Bhawanipur Police Station by Arunanshu Mukhopadhyay, resident of Azadhind Nagar, Haldia Township. He filed this complaint against Shyamal Edek, who is close to the former president of the municipality of Haldia. The investigation found evidence of involvement in numerous corruption cases against Shakimal. In many cases, Shyamal has been seen illegally awarding tenders for municipal works to his own contractors and those of his relatives. The contractor must pay the total amount before the end of the work. Most of the work was done without taking any money from the contractor.

On Friday and Saturday, police seized 150 files from Shyamal Edek’s warrant during searches in the municipality of Haldia. Earlier on August 16, 2021, the state Department of Public Works and Urban Development ordered an FIR against Shyamal Adak for corruption and nepotism. Based on this directive, the then Municipal Executive Officer filed an FIR at Haldia Police Station. At that time, the police collected many documents from the municipality.

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Haldia Police Additional Superintendent Shraddha Pandey said on Saturday that on September 29 a complaint was lodged at Bhabanipur Police Station. Where it is alleged that Shyamal Edek entrusted the construction works of the asphalt road near the Meghnad Saha Institute in Haldia to his family members without complying with the requirements. We have received numerous other instances of irregularities in the investigation of this complaint. Irregularities appeared in many functions of the municipality. During the initial investigation, evidence of corruption worth millions of rupees was found.

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The police also reported that the accused Haldia Shyamal Adak is fleeing. He gave a challenge. It is searched.