Municipality of Athens – WiFi4EU: Free Wi-fi in 11 districts of the city ATHENS 9.84

The transformation of Athens into a smart and sustainable city, where citizens love to live and work, is one of the municipality’s priorities. Over the past two years, the Municipal Authority has developed a series of interventions, creating new digital infrastructures and services that make everyday life easier for citizens.

The Municipality of Athens has already created 118 easy-to-use digital services, which are geared towards the needs of citizens and businesses. Thousands of citizens They now receive certificates, attestations and documents in just a few “clicks” from their computer, thus avoiding essential services, queues, but also overcrowding.

For a few weeks now, the municipality of Athens has taken another important digital milestone, allow residents and visitors to the capital to benefit from free Internet access services, free of charge, in 11 districts of the city.

Indeed, free Wi-Fi networks are located in busy areas of the city, so that as many citizens as possible have access to digital services, thus saving data and money.

Already, in the first two months of its operation, the program offered free internet access to more than 100,000 users, while they almost took place 300,000 unique connections.

The points where citizens have a free wireless network are as follows: Syntagma Square, Lycabettus, Heroes Square (Psyrri Square), Kotzia Square, Seraphio of the Municipality of Athens, Central Library of the Municipality of Athens (Domokou 2), Cultural Center (Academy 50), Liosion 22, Karamanou Square, 1st cemetery of Athens and KEP Victoria Square.

Free connection to the wireless network of the Municipality of Athens easily and quickly

Access to the network is free and open to all, and no personal information is required when entering and using the network. The WiFi4EU network is implemented with isolation technology, which isolates our device from other network users for maximum security.

Citizens can connect to the network with two simple steps:

Step 1: Citizens find the list of Wi-Fi networks on their mobile device and choose the “WiFi4EU” network (if they are located in one of the geographical areas with coverage)

2nd step: As soon as the Athens Municipality Portal login page appears on their screen, they press “Login” and automatically access the Internet for the next 12 hours.

After this time, just repeat the process.

This initiative marks the start of a new era, in which free, citizen-centered services extend to the digital space. Our goal is to extend the program to the 129 districts of Athens, so that every citizen and every visitor to the city has the possibility, within the framework of equal opportunities, to use the Internet, wherever he is. Athens has dynamically entered the new digital age and the Municipality of Athens, through the Computer Development Development Company, will continue to create the conditions it creates. Easier and more functional the daily life of its citizens “, highlighted the mayor of Athens Costas Bakogiannis.

The implementation of this program marks the beginning of a new era, in which open and free human-centered services are developing in the digital space, giving impetus to the implementation of similar initiatives.

In order to improve equal opportunities for every citizen to access the Internet, but also to better familiarize themselves with new technologies, services and applications, the Municipality of Athens plans to gradually expand the free Wi-Fi program in all parts of the city.

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