Municipality of Athens: Two innovative parks for our most loyal friends


Two new parks, exclusively reserved for dog walks, are available to Athenians as of today, in the Probona district and on Ovrenovic Square, in Neos Kosmos.

These innovative spaces created by the Municipality of Athens allow those with pets to enjoy the safety offered by the specially designed parks, establishing these points for their daily walk, at any time of the day.

Each of the two parks has separate “areas” for small and large dogs, so the animals can play safely inside. Both parks are large in size – the park in the Probona area is over one acre and in Ovrenovic Square 700 m². – to comfortably accommodate quadrupeds and their companions.

They are places for socializing, playing, training and training dogs, which in any case meet all the specifications of a standard public park. The parks are fenced in with sturdy double gates and an intermediate reception area to ensure dogs stay in the park whenever the gates open or close.

Innovative equipment

In both areas, special equipment and training and dexterity instruments have been placed: climbing ramp, wooden corridor – “footbridge” with ascent and descent, as well as wooden obstacles for small and large dogs. This modern equipment is specially designed for the good training, but also the relaxation of the animals, with the necessary condition, however, of the active participation and interaction of their companions.

The parks have watering cans for fresh / potable water, benches, as well as shaded areas for their companions. In the evening, the lighting is reinforced, aiming at the maximum safety of passers-by.

“The first dog parks filled us with enthusiasm. It is an action that highlights our intention to make Athens an animal-friendly city. With these two modern spaces at Probona Park and Neos Kosmos, this is not was just the beginning. Our goal is to create more such parks in the city’s neighborhoods, providing the ideal conditions for play and training of pets. We continue to design and implement innovative ideas for Athens, always having as a guide the quality of life and safety for all “, underlines in a statement of the Mayor of Athens, Costas Bakogiannis.