Municipality of Athens improves areas to beautify the city

The Municipality of Athens is carrying out an ambitious project to redesign its 129 neighborhoods aimed at gradually transforming the Greek capital into a modern and sustainable city with more open green spaces and modern infrastructure.

According to an announcement, the municipality has recently concluded two renovation projects in the area of Kato Patissiain Pyrla Square and Stratigos Daglis pedestrian street.

To Pyrla Square, the municipal team replaced the concrete with special plates that reduce road surface temperature during the summer months; installed new energy saving light bulbs in streetlights; installed new benches; added new bins; and included wheelchair ramps to facilitate access for people with disabilities.

The municipal team also restored the square’s existing vegetation and planted new trees and flowers where needed to give the neighborhood a greener appearance.

The redesign of Pyrla Square ended with the pedestrianization of part of Nikolaidou Street.

Then the team of the municipality restored the neighbor Stratigos Daglis pedestrian street, which now sports a colorful new sidewalk made up of cobblestones, modernized urban infrastructure, modern benches and new plants.

“Athens is changing little by little… The city is improving, offering its inhabitants and visitors the opportunity to walk on clean sidewalks, to enjoy the green color of nature, to reside in modern neighborhoods with infrastructure safe,” said the mayor of Athens. Kostas Bakoyannis said in a statement.

New renovation projects will soon take place in other areas of Athens, the mayor informed.

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