Moroto municipality plans to ban animal kraals in town

Moroto, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | Municipal authorities in Moroto are considering banning animal kraals in the town to minimize attacks by cattle rustlers. This follows several attacks by suspected cattle rustlers targeting animals such as goats, sheep and cows around Moroto town, which resulted in the deaths of innocent people.

In February 2022, suspected thieves shot and killed Private Gabriel Lokiru of the UPDF 3rd Division while on duty in Katanga district, Moroto municipality. Ismail Mohammed, the mayor of Moroto municipality, says the presence of kraals in the town attracts warriors to carry out raids.

Mohammed noted that the many killings within the municipality are linked to animals that roam the streets and lure thieves to come looking for them. He explains that the Warriors spare no one they come into contact with on their raids.

Simon Odele, whom our reporter found looking for a room to rent, said the warriors no longer fear invading the city for raids, which prompted him to get a room away from any kraal.

Odele says that when the raids had just resumed, the warriors concentrated only in the villages but after realizing that the villages were now dry, they were forced to attack people with animals in urban centers.

”These warriors always come to town pretending to look for casual work and yet they spy. In the end, you hear that they attacked a specific house, and if they meet you on their way, you are killed,” Odele lamented.

Amina Minashaka, the chairperson of the Moroto Municipal Development Forum, says they are pushing for a bylaw to regulate the raising and movement of livestock in the town.

Indigenous peoples in the region depend on pastoralism.