Mobility week in the municipality of Kifissia 16-17 September

Car-free roads, electric skates, walks in the city of Kifissia, educational programs for children and many other activities are offered by Mobility Week in the municipality of Kifissia from September 16 to 20, 2021.

The European Campaign for Clean and Sustainable Transport celebrates its 20th anniversary this year, comes to the Municipality of Kifissia as part of this SPARCs program, in order to inform and educate citizens for a more sustainable way of getting around the city.

From Thursday 16/9 to Monday 20/9 in order to promote mobility with zero carbon emissions, the municipality is organizing a series of actions for young and old.

“Kifissia participates in the major European program SPARCS, which enables our Municipality to absorb more than 500,000 euros for the environment,” he explains. the mayor of Kifissia George Thomakos.
“We must contribute to the protection of the planet by following logic”Think Global – Act Locally “.
The Municipality of Kifissia participates in the European Mobility Week with targeted actions. Our goal is to inform and educate about the safe movement of citizens in an alternative and ecological way.
At the same time, we are working for the development of sustainable urban mobility in our Municipality. Specifically:

  • We are implementing the European SPARCS program which aims to create smart cities without carbon dioxide emissions.
  • The study for sustainable urban mobility in our municipality was supplemented by specific measures and interventions to improve mobility in the three municipal units. The development of public transport will be promoted by SVAK.
  • 71 selected charging stations for electric cars, bicycles, mopeds and wheelchairs in our Municipality have been studied and will be set up thanks to the Green Fund.
  • We have completed a project to renovate the Nea Erithraia Road Education Park, in collaboration with the Attica region.
  • We illuminate the streets of our Municipality with modern led lights, with our own resources.
  • We are improving the road network and improving the sidewalks for the safety of citizens’ movements, with our own resources.
  • We have approved a maintenance project for the Kifissia cycling network, with our own resources.
  • The study for the skatepark has been completed and the skate track project in our municipality on Georgiou Lyra Street, Kato Kifisias is underway.
    “Every action saves energy not only for the economy but also for the survival of the planet.”

The SPARC program

“The Municipality of Kifissia continues to support and strengthen sustainable energy and the green economy, with important initiatives and actions across the spectrum of green and sustainable energy,” he said. the rapporteur and coordinator of the SPARCs program Mr. Stavros Zapantis. “Through Mobility Week, we want to give citizens the opportunity to learn about the“ green ”movement, to learn and imagine our city with alternative modes of travel.
Kifissia is a green city, let’s all make it a green city through sustainable energy, reducing carbon emissions and taking care of our natural environment “

The SPARCS program is an initiative of the European Commission (Commission) where 7 European cities were selected through competitive procedures and very strict criteria to create a sustainable network of smart cities, positive sustainable energy and zero carbon communities.
The municipality of Kifissia is the only Greek municipality participating in the program.
The results, proposals and actions of the 7 cities of the SPARCS program will be adopted by the European Union for the development of the Europe of tomorrow, in the above areas.

The program of events:

Thursday 9-16-21
– Educational program for safe driving for children in the road education park of Nea Erithraia, in collaboration with Institute of Safe Driving “Panos Mylonas”

From Friday 9-7-21 to Monday 9-20-21
– Kiosk in the center of Kifissia (Kolokotroni and Levidou) for the presentation of the actions of the Municipality of Kifissia for sustainable mobility, the smart city, green energies and sustainable development.
– Presentation of electric vehicles (car, bike, skate)
– Road test of electric skates.

Sunday 19-9-21
– Car-free day – The center of Kifissia without cars
– Kif-e-Ride – Organized ride in Kifissia with skates and electric bikes (departure 12:30 pm from Kolokotroni and Levidou).

Edited by: Kalliopi Aslanidou

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