Minecraft Player recreates the Bolshoi Theater from Civilization 6 in-game

A Minecraft builder creates the Bolshoi Theater from Civilization 6 and decides to create a time-lapse video revealing the construction process.

Minecraft Player recreates the Bolshoi Theater from Civilization 6 in-game

Since Minecraft launched, it has remained one of the most popular games on the market. One of the reasons for the game’s enduring success is its open approach to gameplay. Players can do whatever they want when they want in Minecraft seemingly endless open world. While some players enjoy the challenge of Survival or Hardcore worlds where the goal of the game is to survive, others enjoy the relaxing feeling of creating interesting items in the Creative mode of the game. Recently a player decided to use the fashion to recreate a famous piece of architecture from Civilization 6.


Released in 2016, Civilization 6 is a turn-based strategy game in which the player attempts to create a flourishing civilization. Developed by Firaxis Games, players strive to become a world power by gaining military dominance, technological superiority, or cultural influence over opposing civilizations. On the way to world preeminence, players have the opportunity to build different historical structures known as Wonders. Apart from giving players bonuses for their civilizations in the game, they are also impressive.

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In a post on Reddit, a user known as LookosZero featured a recreation of the Bolshoi Theater, a marvel of Civilization 6. Made in Creative mode in Minecraft, the builder used a time frame to reveal the process of creating the impressive structure. Using a blue and white color scheme, the designer replicated the look of the Industrial Era Wonder. In addition, they managed to capture the small details of the building such as the many windows that surround the theater as well as the rows of pillars used for support.

In addition to posting the Bolshoi Theater on Reddit, LookosZero provided fans with some details on the building’s creation process. They revealed that the construction took about two weeks. According to the creator, they looked at real photos for reference and made a foreground before building the structure. Additionally, they gave aspiring players tips on starting their own builds, suggesting they start big. By making a large frame, they noted that there would be more room for details.

the Minecraft The community on Reddit loves this new version of LookosZero. With over 3,500 upvotes, many believed the construction bore a striking resemblance to the wonder in Civilization 6. Others said they enjoyed watching the construction process through time lapse video.

It’s impressive to see the many fan creations made in Minecraft like the Bolshoi Theater designed by LookosZero. With the creator already planning future releases, it will be interesting to see what he comes up with next.

Minecraft is now available for Mobile, PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X / S.

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