Minecraft fan builds Big Ben from Civilization 6

A talented Minecraft fan recently made a short time-lapse video that features a realistic construction of Big Ben as it appears in Civilization VI.

A fan of Minecraft and Civilization VI recently brought the two IPs together in a delightful crossover art moment in the game starring Big Ben World Wonder. This is far from the first time that a Minecraft player has built a tribute to a separate video game franchise, with a recent example being a collection of sculptures depicting characters from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

MinecraftCreative Mode offers an almost overwhelming amount of tools and resources that players can use to create impressive and intricate creations. With a multitude of building materials and texture packs at their disposal, Minecraft players can build truly stunning constructions. The almost limitless scale players must work with gives ambitious creators the chance to piece together colossal structures from both fictional universes and the real world.


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It is thanks to these versatile and expressive tools that Redditor LookosZero was able to build a precise replica of Big Ben with some aesthetic aromas of Civilization VI. Since Big Ben is one of the many wonders of the world featured in Civilization VI (a list that recently grew with last year’s New Frontier Pass DLC), LookosZero chose to present the creation with a full time-lapse video with voiceover narration on the theme of the best-selling strategy title. . The user interface of Civilization VI has also been postponed, and it includes the “A wonder of the world has been created!“and the quote from Sam Levenson that appears at the end of Wonder of the World. It looks like LookosZero may have pulled the iconic narrative vocal line straight from Civilization VI for this short clip.

Because Civilization VI shows spectacular time-lapse videos of the wonders of the world being built brick by brick once they are completed, Minecraft is a surprisingly good fit for some Civilization fan service. Fans of the popular board simulation game can attest to how satisfying it is to finally complete a Wonder, and this clip successfully conveys that triumphant feeling. The only thing missing is the orbiting camera covering the time lapse.

Minecraft is an ever-expanding game, with frogs and mangroves being added in next year’s The Wild update. Considering the amount of new content added on a regular basis, it will be interesting to see how other creators can compose unique and realistic landscapes, buildings and cities. That said, this Big Ben creation proves just how Minecraftconstruction systems already are, and are sure to be appreciated by fans of Civilization VI and beyond.

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Minecraft is currently available on all platforms.

Source: LookosZero / Reddit

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