Mauldin Police Chief George Miller offers community-based approach to policing

Build a relationship with the people of Mauldin is what leads Mauldin Police Chief George Miller.

“I like the interaction with the community,” he said. “I love meeting new people. In this job I have met a diverse group of people. This is the most important thing. It is the relationship with the community.

Throughout his 23-plus-year career, Miller has focused on building relationships with those he serves, both at Pickens, where he spent four years, and at Mauldin, where he served. worked for over 19 years of his career.

During his roughly six months as the department’s interim head, Miller says he made a point of letting businesses, neighborhoods and citizens of the city know he was accessible.

Give a hand

In addition to making his role more accessible to the public, Miller wants to increase his officers’ interactions with the public, including the city’s 32 designated traffic officers.

“I want to focus on community policing,” Miller said. “We haven’t really done this in the past. It’s more about traffic, so what I want to do is make healthy media. You can traffic, but I also want you to always be in the communities. “

As part of this assignment, Miller renamed the Ministry Liaison Officer, James Madden, to Community Liaison Officer. As a result of this change in responsibilities, Madden now attends community events, such as owner association meetings, and answers questions or hosts forums on topics such as what the car has immediately at a four-stop. lanes.

The department also welcomed the return of its summer camp for young people. According to Miller, the camp had not taken place for a few years, mainly because of COVID-19.

Miller also plans to bring back his Citizens Police Academy, which allows residents to learn about officers and the police department. At the end of the course, participants can also ride with officers.

To look forward

As Miller works to strengthen his department’s relationship with the citizens of Mauldin, he is also keeping an eye on the future.

With new residents moving to the area and businesses joining the municipality as the Mauldin downtown project grows, Miller has requested that 12 new officers be added to the force over the next several years. .

Once these agents are added, the department will grow from 63 employees with four open positions to 79 staff members.

Planning to expand the department as the city grows, Miller says it will reduce response times and allow police to better serve the community.

Chef Miller’s Fast Facts

Previous police roles: Patroller, K9 officer, senior corporal

Companions K-9: Zino, Rex and Paco

Favorite food: German, Thai and Mediterranean

Clemson or Gamecocks: Clemson

School mascot: Challenger (knight on horseback) for Tabernacle High School in Greenville

Favorite TV Shows: “Guy’s Grocery Games ”,“ Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives ”and the ID channel

Favorite way to spend free time: With her three granddaughters and a grandson

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