Margao Municipality Prepares to Engage Agencies for Animal Birth Control Program

Margao: One year and four months after the expiry of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with a local NGO on December 31, 2020, the Margao City Council is finally preparing to launch an Expression of Interest (EOI) to call on agencies and to NGOs for the city’s Animal Birth Control (ABC) program.

Even though the stray dog ​​population is believed to have seen a multiple increase in recent years due to a host of factors, the MMC has for the first time announced that the council has made a budget provision of Rs. 1 crore for animal-related activities for fiscal year 2022-23.

MMC General Manager Agnelo Fernandes further informed that the council has offered to build a dog shelter on the land in front of Sonsodo, which is owned by the municipality, and that the council is working on the details of how to proceed. to follow.

The EOI was approved at the recently held 2001 Animal Birth Control Rules (DOGS) (Local) Oversight Committee meeting attended by AH&VS Department Veterinarian Sonsodo , urban health officer of Margao, Dr. Karlet Fernadnes, Grace Kare, in addition to Dr. D Menezes, ex-director of livestock.

Dr. Karlet Fernandes informed that the survey regarding stray dogs had already been conducted by WVS and the Rotary Club of Margao in September 2021. After agreeing to share the copy of the report with the City Council, the General Manager of MMC said that based on this investigation, the city council will draw up the plan to deal with the animal birth control program.

Regarding the approval of the EOI for the appointment of the agency for animals, the Director General informed the members that a draft EOI has been prepared for the appointment of the agency for the program of animal welfare and the same has been returned to the government for verification and Deputy AH&VS Dr. verbally informed that the same has been approved, the copy of it has been given to all members for reference and suggestions, if any.

Dr Karlet suggested mass neutering of stray dogs, saying a piecemeal approach might not help as dogs multiply very quickly. She pointed out that mass sterilization is an answer if the council wishes to achieve the goal within a specific time frame.

MMC Health Inspector Viraj Arabekar suggested that instead of appointing one agency, the council could appoint two or three such agencies per area to carry out the animal birth control program.

The council agreed to organize an awareness program regarding stray dogs and their adoption by inviting a faculty to present the concept of the ABC program. It was also agreed to form a WhatsApp group of all members to further the mission.

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Posted: Friday, April 22, 2022, 11:04 a.m. IST