Mansfield is seeking funding for a water harvesting project at the Mansfield Community Center

July 5—MANSFIELD — Mansfield City Council is trying to secure funds for a water harvesting project at the Mansfield Community Center.

This project involves the design and installation of a system to collect, filter, store and reuse rainwater from the roof of the community center.

The city believes this project would make the facility more sustainable by reducing or eliminating the need for water from the local water supply system (the University of Connecticut water system, which is operated by Connecticut Water) .

“We’re doing a lot in town to try to make the town more sustainable,” Mansfield Mayor Antonia Moran said. “It’s a big project, so I really hope we can start the project very soon.”

At Monday’s city council meeting, council gave the go-ahead for the city to submit an application for the project to receive funding from the Neighborhood Assistance Act program.

This program provides funding for community programs conducted by a municipal government or tax-exempt agency through a corporate tax credit to businesses that make cash contributions to the city.

The community program must be approved by both the municipal agency and the Connecticut Department of Revenue Services.

Businesses can receive a Connecticut tax credit for their contributions to municipal programs that are approved by the Connecticut Department of Tax Services.

The amount of the tax credit is determined according to the type of project in which the company invests.

The minimum investment required is $250 and the maximum investment for a business in a calendar year is $150,000.

Two types of community projects and programs are eligible for funding under the Neighborhood Assistance Act: energy conservation projects and community programs.

Energy-saving projects benefit from a tax credit of 100% of the money invested.

Energy saving projects eligible for financing by