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In 2014, the Federal Court of Justice declared processing fees for consumer loans to be inadmissible and thus triggered a wave of lawsuits, because countless borrowers can reclaim the processing fees charged by the banks.

Therefore, a loan without a processing fee is basically the right choice, because there are still loans with a processing fee among the online offers.

The spongy processing fee

The spongy processing fee

In the past, banks have charged between 1% and 4% of the loan amount for the processing fee – a fee that can, but may not, include just about anything. For example, fees for credit information or the management of a credit account are not permitted, and costs that are billed for advice and organization are also not justified. Since the processing fee is not broken down individually, the borrower usually does not even know that he is paying for things for which he does not have to pay. Out of ignorance, many also take it for granted that the bank charges costs for maintaining the credit account.

The interest rates that banks charge must therefore cover all costs. All measures that are in the bank’s own interest must therefore not be billed, including the famous credit check.

Transparency and security right from the start

Transparency and security right from the start


An online loan without a processing fee offers transparency right from the start. The parameters of fixed borrowing rate and effective annual interest rate are decisive for credit customers. The APR includes the total annual cost of the loan. However, fees for residual debt insurance or account management fees are not included in the APR.

For the borrower, however, the composition of the annual percentage rate often remains a mystery, because the costs that are included here are not apparent from the offer. If you want to be on the safe side, it is best to check with the bank in question again.

Special conditions such as payment breaks, early repayment as well as immediate commitments and an immediate payment can lead to extra costs, so it is essential to pay attention to extra costs even for online loans that do not include a processing fee.

Our comparison lists offers for the loan without a processing fee, because you can save them. The quick overview allows an equally quick selection. But keep in mind that even the comparison cannot relieve you of the exact examination of the loan offers in question. Here it is important that you read the fine print and contact the relevant direct banks if you have any questions. These have advice hotlines, information can also be exchanged via chat or email.

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