Kadaga and Nabakooba launch USMID-AF project road works in Kamuli Municipality

KAMULI – Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the East African Community, Rebecca Alitwala Kadaga, together with Minister of Lands Judith Nabakooba, launched the start of construction of the first batch of sub-projects of infrastructure under the USMID program in the municipality of Kamuli.

The duo who were in the district on January 28 visited the various road sections that the project is expected to encompass and were impressed with the preparation of M/S. Sterling Civil Engineering Limited to take over the work.

Nabakooba thanked Kadaga, who is also the female MP for Kamuli District, for the great role she played in preparing the USMID-AF program, remembering her people of Kamuli and ensuring that it qualifies to be part of the USMID program.

She explained that it was Kadaga’s stewardship that enabled the kamuli to reach USMID beneficiaries by beating the many other urban centers that so far want to join the program, which she says is always not possible.

“Today, the projects we report; The Baino road and the industrial road for the start of the works have been selected by yourselves, and I urge the leaders of the municipality of Kamuli to ensure that the contractor meets all our expectations, on time and offers a good value for money. I congratulate the contractor and also remind him of his obligations,” said Nabakooba.

The USMID program is based on the need to improve municipalities through the improvement of urban infrastructure and the institutional strengthening of staff capacities, and the reorganization of their offices to enable them to carry out their work well. It is competitive and each participating local government works hard to qualify for subsequent years’ resources.

Nabakooba shared that the USMID program is a program for results (PforR), which means that the level of funding available to a local government depends on the performance of a local government compared to others.

She revealed that in the last performance assessment conducted to inform the allocation of funds to local governments from the program for the financial year 2021/22, Kamuli Municipality performed well by meeting the minimum requirements and achieving a high score. , which led to the allocation of 12.5 billion UgX.

“I congratulate you on this achievement. My prayer is that you maintain this high score for the fourth and final performance review which is already underway. I want to believe that our independent verification agent has already been here, and if he hasn’t, then it’s a red flag that you prepare adequately and show your results, so that you can benefit more resources,” she said.

The first phase of USMID, which took place five years ago, was successfully implemented and concluded in 2019.

The current phase that is being implemented is the follow-up phase, also called Supplementary Financing (AF) which came due to the good performance of the Ministry of Lands and also the original 14 Municipalities who did a great job, in as some of these have since been updated in the cities.

The Minister instructed the leaders of Kamuli to ensure that they have a clean municipality that will make it shine.

“I know the challenges of municipal solid waste, especially with high populations like what we have here. You have a population of 60,000 people in your municipality, and our project discovered that the waste generated daily is estimated at 43,229 tonnes/day and is expected to increase to 20,546 tonnes/day by 2025.”

She added: “This waste includes a higher proportion of organic materials, mainly food residues from markets and food preparation from restaurants, hotels, institutions and households, and they are not collected at all. It is a recipe for disaster in terms of diseases for our people and to have a dirty municipality that will not benefit from the facelift no matter what great roads USMID will support. Let’s wake up and clean up.

Nabakooba told Kamuli Municipality leaders and the private sector that the USMID program has a high level of transparency, accountability and participation of all citizens. She informed them of the Complaints Handling Office at the construction sites and in the City Council to receive, register and resolve complaints regarding defects in work in progress, challenges and any other matter of concern from any individual or group of people.

Community participation in city council development and under the USMID program has been catalyzed by the creation of the Municipal Development Forums (MDFs). All stakeholders are represented and their roles are well understood for the development of their Municipality. MDFs are the bridge between local government leaders and communities at large. Please take advantage of MDFs to promote sustainable urban development.

Also present at the ceremony were MPs, Kamuli RDC, the LCV President, the Mayor of Kamuli Municipality, the Clerk and central and local government staff.