Jugsalai Municipality Holds Mural Painting Competition

Jamshedpur, January 10: Under the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan Urban (2.0), not only the municipality of Jugsalai but also the children living in the area of ​​the municipality strive to place their city at the head of the Swachh Survekshan 2022. In accordance with the instructions of the general manager from the Municipality of Jugsalai, the Mural painting competition was organized as part of the “clean competition” in coordination with the brand ambassador.

By marking the walls from place to place by children, they carry the message of cleanliness to people by painting on cleanliness at Manish Perfumery, Station Road, Ward No. 12, Jugsalai, Golcha Bazar, Ward 12, Jugsalai , Community Health Center, Ward 12, Jugsalai, RP Patel, Ward No.13, Jugsalai

Children said that people eat paan here and there without thinking and spit, defecate or throw garbage because of which the walls look dirty and at the same time the image of the city is tarnished. By painting on the walls, we want to convey this message that cleanliness is in our hands, we can make our city clean by changing our little habits.

City manager, sanitation expert, brand ambassador Sunita Sharma, Chandralata Jain and attendees were present on the occasion.